Revue Supply Chain Forum

Supply Chain Forum : an International Journal (SCFIJ) is a peer reviewed periodical providing a broad international coverage of subjects relating to the management of the supply chain. It focuses on the integration of supply, production, distribution and sales. It is concerned with the management of the global supply chain from primary supplier to final customer. It provides in-depth research articles and company case studies that enrich both the knowledge of the discipline and the practices of supply chain management.

SCFIJ is designed to appeal to managers and researchers concerned with supply chain management, inter-firm relationship and organization and new technologies. Its aims are:

- to present the latest thinking, research and emerging concepts of supply chain management

- to explore the overall philosophy of supply chain management

- to further first class supply chain practices

It includes original material concerned with all facets of supply chain management in the form of:

- articles with a fundamental basis and research papers presenting results and practical applications

- papers providing experiences and practical features of supply chain management

- commented case studies illustrating international application problems